What to Expect When Getting a Cavity Filled

If you have a cavity, your dentist may have told you that you need to have it filled. Often, people are afraid to do so. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to get a cavity filled as it is a routine experience. Also delaying the experience can make the situation even worse. There are a few things to expect when getting a tooth filled.


When you arrive to get your filling the dentist will give you some sort of anesthetic in order to make the procedure more comfortable for you. Many people are afraid of getting the anesthesia because of the shot required. However, the process is very quick and the needle is extremely small so as it is only a slight discomfort for a short period of time. Your dentist will take extreme care to cause you the least amount of discomfort possible. Your dentist will also make sure that your mouth is numb before moving on.


The dentist will next get you prepared for the filling by using a few different items. One item that is used is called a rubber dam. This will go around the tooth and over your mouth in order to keep the rest of the mouth dry while the cavity is being filled. You will also usually be provided with a bite block so that you do not have to continually hold your mouth open the entire time.


The dentist will next remove all of the decay in the tooth. This might take the longest amount of time as it is important to get all of it removed so that it doesn’t cause any further decay. The dentist will use a dental drill to remove the decay efficiently. You will not feel any pain due to the anesthesia that you have been provided. You will also be provided with a suction to remove the water from your mouth. The dentist will then replace the decayed portion with a filling. Your tooth might be sensitive for a while, but soon your mouth will feel back to normal again.

Getting a filling doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare and be mentally ready before you arrive at brooklyn ny dentist.

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