Fitness Of The Future: How To Get In Perfect Shape In 24 Min

EMS Training or the Conventional One: Which one is Better?

People love to stay fit. They admire their perfectly toned bodies. But in order to get the best shape, they strive hard by putting efforts in the gym. The same can be seen during their sessions with personal trainers and on top of that theyfollow a very strict diet plan. But when the technology is so advanced, how can the workout sessions stay behind? Fitness lovers out there want to spend lots of time in a gym, but their commitments don’t let them do so. However, with the advent of Electric Muscle Stimulation or EMS procedure, the admirers of fitness can achieve what they desire in a very short span of time.

So, What Exactly is the EMS Training?

In broad terms, EMS Training or Electric Muscle Stimulation is a total body workout with the body current. In the normal state, our muscles contract with the help of bioelectronics (or electric impulses). This training uses this effect by employing hardly noticeable external electro impulses. When this happens, the muscle contracting with bioelectronics is intensified naturally and effective training is achieved.

EMS VS Conventional: The Comparison

Many believe that EMS training outperforms in any and every way when it is compared with the conventional training. Here are some distinction parameters:

  • Training Time Reduction: If one undertakes conventional training regularly, it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. Whereas those who undertake EMS training have to invest from 25 minutes to half an hour on the same. Hence, the latter is much faster than the former.
  • At your Very Own Convenience: When it comes to conventional training, you might have to go to the gym almost every day. However, this is not the case when you are involved in personal EMS training. There is no need to have regular workout sessions to achieve results. All you need to do to stay in perfect shape is to take EMS trainings 2 or 3 days a week.
  • Calories Buster Numbers: It is believed that EMS is much more effective. With its help, a person burns approximately 500 calories and when an individual goes under the conventional fitness training, he burns approximately 300 calories.
  • The overall strength: Again, in the world of fitness, it is believed that health and strength of a human being improve 3 times faster in EMS as compared to the conventional mode of training.

The Myths of EMS Training: Busted

 People always resist to change and when it is related to health, they surely don’t agree easily to adopt it. But after years of research, this advanced fitness method has been brought to existence. However, people still have a plethora of concerns and issues.

Let’s find out various myths and concerns and try to bust each and every one of them.

  • It is not Safe

The training or therapy is absolutely safe because it uses very low-frequency current stimulation. While the muscles work constantly, the small intrinsic pulse of electricity initiates every movement. The frequency is, in fact, so low that it does not seem alien to the body.

  • I need to already have a perfect body for this therapy

 There is no such requirement. All you need to have is good health in order to incorporate this exercise into your routine.

  • You can’t lose weight and get good health with EMS

 You can absolutely lose weight. In fact, after you lose some of your weight, the fat depots are attacked further.

  • It takes time to see the result

 As compared to the conventional therapy, the EMS workout yields faster results. A better posture can already be seen just after few sessions.

  • There are side effects attached to this advanced gym therapy

No, there are no side effects. As per the official studies and research, EMS is completely safe and, in fact, there are positive results of incorporating it into your lifestyle.

How Exactly One Can Find Effective EMS Trainer?

 The new exercise is not just about keeping you fit but it is related to your health. Therefore, it is very important that only a professional trainer is hired to help you. However, to find EMS itself is a tricky task let alone finding an experienced trainer.

Not everyone can offer this training and those who can, are required to be checked. So, if you are all set to get your hands on this new and advanced technique, here are some of the sources to find the same along with a professional trainer.

  • A very obvious source is to ask your gym trainer if he provides this training
  • Ask the doctors who specialize in the treatment of bones and obesity
  • See if your dietician knows any such training provider
  • Try to look for them over yellow pages
  • Do give a shot tosearch engines as well
  • Broadcast a message to your near and dear ones who are the admirers of fitness

In case, you still can’t get your hands on a good EMS trainer, then remember is here to provide you with the best of them. One of the leading aggregators of services over the web, has a plenty of gym trainers and those trainers who are experts in offering quality EMS training.

Quite a simple form consisting of date and time to avail the service field and other fields like instruction, budget, etc. and you are all set to pick an excellent EMS trainer.

Also, you are not shooting in the dark but making an informed decision by choosing a trainer based on his rating, reviews and feedback of the last job.

Lastly, both EMS and conventional training are good. Having said that if next time you are all set to lose some weight, get the posture right or get that amazing body shape remember to opt for EMS training. Also, ensure that you select an EMS service provider or trainer from only.

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