Caregiver Burnout Prevention

If you are caring for a loved one who needs help with the activities of daily living, you are an angel. However, it’s important to take time away from your loved one to prevent burnout. Consider contracting with home health care in Silver Spring Maryland for regular breaks. Here are some ideas for rejuvenating time away that enable you to return refreshed.


In-Home Breaks

You can take a mini-break inside your house while a home health aide looks after your loved one. Go into the bathroom and run a nice hot bubble bath. Soak in the tub for an hour while listening to soothing nature sounds. Or download a meditation app on your phone and listen to it for thirty minutes. While a nap might sound nice, the sleep might not fully restore you if you are still stressed from care demands. Actively relax your mind and muscles with meditation or a bubble bath before settling into bed for the nap.

Get Out of the House

If you can book a few hours of respite care, it’s best to get out of the house and enjoy a change of scenery. Don’t spend the time running errands or catching up on tasks related to your loved one’s affairs. Instead, disconnect completely. Go to a hilarious movie in a comfortable theater. Spend time with an understanding friend who lets you vent briefly but then directs your attention to other topics. Check out a museum. Try a new lunch spot or a luxurious spa treatment. The brain craves new experiences, which may be lacking if most of your days are dominated by care giving routines.

In order to be at your best for your loved one, it’s important to replenish your emotional and spiritual reserves with time away. Plan regular breaks with the assistance of respite care. Make a list of activities that you think you’d enjoy, and post it on the fridge. Choose one when it’s time for a break.

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