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The modern devices like cellular phones or mobile phones, laptops, personal computers and tablets, and the internet has become the most important and the most popular inventions in the whole world. One of the most important elements and products of the internet is the websites, which is also written as web site, and it is defined as a collection of web pages with multimedia content, and it can be identified by the people through its common domain name, which is published on a web server. A website can be accessed by the people through a public IP or internet protocol network, such as the LAN or local area network which is private in form or the internet, by the use of a URL or uniform resource locator that is being used to identify the said website. The various kinds of websites are named and identified according to its function and purpose of creation, namely the commercial website which is built by a business company or individuals who owns a business and creating such website is recognized as their way of marketing their products and services online; the government website which are handled by a government employee or politicians; the non-profit organization website which is being handled by the people in an organization with a purpose other than making a profit for themselves; and the personal website which is built by an individual for his own personal intentions.

An online publishing platform is a business company that are typically found in the internet, and most of their products and services that they tend to offer to their prospective clients includes the production and designing of websites. The, is one of the most popular business company that offers such services and products, and they can be found and very much accessible to the public, and just by typing their company name on a search engine, their commercial website will immediately be found on the top list. The contents of their website includes information about them and the products and services that they offer to their prospective clients, and that includes website plans with respective prices, and the more expensive the plan you choose the more benefits you can obtain from them. The offers four different plans, namely the free, the personal, premium and the business plan, and by clicking the get started icon, it will automatically open a six basic step that needs to be completed by the client in order to create the website they wanted, and that includes the reason as to why a website is to be created, the selection of the design of the website’s homepage, domain name, the plan to be used, and the theme, and lastly, is the creation of an account within the company.

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