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All About Concentrated Creatine If you are thinking about adding concentrated creatine to your workout routine or as a supplement, you should understand it. The most important information needed to make this decision is all right here. The first question most people have is about potential side effects. The only side effect that is consistently reported is weight gain. Some people also reported stomach problems, muscle cramping, dehydration, and muscle strains. In studies, these side effects didn’t happen with any greater frequency in people taking creatine. What form of creatine should you take? Candy bars, liquids, gums, and citrates can all contain creatine. While these may claim to be better than creatine monohydrate, there is no data to suggest that. They come in more flavors and are more convenient, even if they aren’t more effective. Making sure it is a high quality product is the most important thing. Loading or not loading is another question you need to know the answer to before proceeding. Taking smaller doses over a long period of time is what loading refers to. Most creatine is absorbed by the muscle in the first couple days of loading. It is not necessary that you load for a long period of time. All that you need to do is take some for a couple days and then replenish after each workout. Should you take creatine alone or with other nutrients? Carbohydrates, proteins, and glucose can help you absorb creatine. Taking D-pinitol may also help your muscles to use it effectively. A drink high in carbohydrates will increase your insulin and help you to use creatine more effectively. You also need to know when to take creatine. Most people think that taking it before their workout will help them to enhance it. You should actually take it after a work out with a carbohydrate or protein supplement. This will help you to maintain the creatine stores in your muscles. People also asked about the need to cycle on and off of creatine. Some supplements require that you take breaks intermittently. You actually don’t need to take breaks with creatine. When you are training the hardest is when you should be taking creatine, so if you do want to take a break keep that in mind.
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Some supplements are affected by caffeine or acidity. People drinking it in coffee, tea, or juice showed the same benefits as those drinking it in water. Beverages are less acidic than stomach acid, and creatine isn’t broken down during digestion. Caffeine also doesn’t seem to decrease the muscles’ ability to use the creatine. Do men and women respond differently to creatine? While men and women can both benefit from creatine, women gain strength and muscle mass over a longer period of training than men.
Looking On The Bright Side of Options
People are also anxious to know if the weight gained is water weight or muscle weight. Water retention did increase in people taking creatine. This makes it seem like it is merely water weight. The water gained turned out to be proportional to the muscle gained. The weight gained is mostly muscle mass.

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