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Essential Information on Stock Photography

Stock photography is used by businesses for marketing purposes. You will help people know more about your company when you let them see images and pictures of your products and services. This is the type of photography that can be classified into two categories and they are: royalty free and rights managed.

The quality, image size, purpose of usage, and exclusivity are the main criteria to determine the usage duration of the stock photography license. This license is usually more expensive than the other but also allows for broader usage. These types of images can only be used by your company for as long as your license is in effect.

In order to obtain the royalty free license, you usually have to pay a standard fee. In this case, you would be able to use an image if the photographer will license you to do so. Typically, these images are licensed for usage more than a thousand times allowing companies to print thousands of copies of them to use for their advertisements and promotions. If your usage will go beyond that then there usually an additional payment which you will have to pay. These photos would not only be exclusive to your company so as long as other people have secured the license of a photographer then they would be able to use it as well.
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When you plan to use stock photography photos, you will have to be aware of the restrictions involving them as well. This would basically mean that there would be no chance of such photos being used in defamatory or illegal ways. These photos are not to be used in the reselling of products as well.
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For photos that have models in them, there has to be a model release signed prior to usage. This is basically the permission of the model given to the company or person who plans to use his or her likeness. When photos are to be used for commercial purposes, such a release is required.

Stock photography is not allowed for commercial applications of any kind. However, they are allowed for educational purposes as well as the news. This is why you often find these types of photos in magazines.

You would be able to obtain various types of these photos from many sources. You may opt to purchase these photos from image firms or get them from the photographer himself; it’s all up to you. There are firms that sell high quality photos that you will surely be happy with in more ways than one.

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