BetterHelp vs. Talkspace – In-depth review on the differences between the two

Though it is true that online counseling doesn’t suit everyone, yet it is less costly than paying out-of-pocket for a conventional therapy. It also offers flexible scheduling and great anonymity due to the fact everything is operated online. TalkSpace and BetterHelp are 2 of the biggest players in this field. When the novices set forward to explore this kind of therapy, you may not know what to find. There are many who have explored both the services of BetterHelp and TalkSpace and later on they found out that one of them was certainly ahead of the other.

Notes on prices and costs

Both BetterHelp and TalkSpace quote their rates on a weekly basis but they bill for the entire month. If you wish to calculate the actual monthly cost, multiply the rates by 4. The process of refunds at TalkSpace and BetterHelp are considered on a basis of customers. The members report that if they quit the first week, both the companies will refund the unutilized portion of the month. Rates usually change according to locality and both the sites test different options for pricing.

The procedure of signing up – Two procedures

BetterHelp is an online therapy provider which links the consumers with the licensed counselors based on the assessments that have been already taken. When you start off, you will be taken a brief quiz which recognizes the issue and the way you’re feeling about it. Once this is done, BetterHelp states that you are linked along with a counselor within 24 hours.

Talkspace, on the other hand, is yet another online service provider which offers a wide array of services and this too works with licensed professionals. Unlike Better Help, the assessment process of TalkSpace is more interactive. You will soon be linked to a live chat with a therapist who will screen your responses, ask questions and guide you through the entire sign-up process. Anyone can avail this live service and anyone can pay for this assessment. However, much like BetterHelp, once this assessment is done, it takes 24 hours to get linked with the therapist.

Keeping the client engaged and response time

Both the counseling platforms state that the lowest rate will allow 1-2 responses in a day from the therapist. As per the experience of the clients, both the therapists, of BetterHelp and TalkSpace responded pretty fast whenever they messaged them. The waiting time for this response is 24 hours or less than that.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which BetterHelp is better than Talkspace or vice versa, you can take into account the above mentioned detailed comparison. For more details, check out

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